Curious about CBD? Here are some of the most common questions. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from the hemp plant, a close cousin of the cannabis plant. It is one of the cannabinoids that is present in our bodies own endocannabinoid system. Unlike its cousin THC, CBD does not produce the psychoactive ingredient that Cannabis does, which means there is no high produced when taking CBD.

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The truth is CBD and marijuana are both derived from the cannabis sativa plant. However, the passing of the Hemp Farming Act allows the sale of CBD hemp products as long as the THC content is <0.3%. THC binds with receptors in the brain that control pain, mood, and other feelings. That’s the reason why THC has a psychoactive effect for the user. You can still greatly reap the benefits of a CBD product for its natural healing and well-being properties. 

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Full spectrum is a pure extract of the hemp plant. It comes with the cannabidiol including the cannabinoids CBG, CBN, CBC, flavonoids, terpenes, and trace amounts of <0.3%THC.

Isolates are the most basic form of CBD. It does not contain cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids– just plain Cannabidiol.

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Absolutely! It is completely safe for your fur babies to consume CBD as well. More studies are needed to give conclusive research on benefits, but small studies have shown improvement in pain, mobility and seizures in dogs. 

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The simple answer is no. CBD does not produce excessive dopamine in the brain that causes euphoria. Therefore, it eliminates risk of abuse or dependency.  

Most people notice an increased state of relaxation after a dosage of CBD. It also has been studied to help substantially reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia, muscle spasms, inflammatory pain, arthritis pain, nerve related pain, and nausea.

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There are plenty of other creative ways to consume your CBD. The most direct way is putting it under your tounge as directed on the label. If you find the taste is too strong for you, I recommend putting a few drops in their favorite beverage of choice. You can also massage it on your skin as well.

The entourage effect is the results produced from the synergistic interaction of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and fatty acids (naturally found in the whole hemp plant) in Full Spectrum products. It provides better and quicker results and has been proven to be more powerful than the cannabidiol solely by itself found in Isolate products.

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My CBD is sourced from a small farm in Colorado and then ran through a Co2 extraction lab to deliver a safe and quality CBD product. 

*Present Moment CBD highly recommends consulting a doctor before taking CBD if you are on any medications of question.

The good news is that CBD is safe to take with several medications. However, there are certain combinations that could be dangerous. This article is a great resource for ensuring you are safe!

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