Journey to now

The who and why behind Present Moment CBD
Hey, I'm bobby

My passion for CBD came from the relief it gave when I was battling depression and anxiety. I was a skeptic like so many others but liked the idea of natural medicine. I explored different brands and wasn't truly satisfied until I found a full spectrum oil. It opened my eyes to the natural benefits of CBD which changed my entire perspective. 

It brought me so much peace and joy that I wanted to share it. I began recommending it to everyone. When I saw the difference it made in the lives of others, I knew I wanted to start my own company to give back on a larger scale.

I started Present Moment CBD to empower others to be the best versions of themselves. Today's fast pace, technology-dependent culture is the root cause of anxiety and depression. I want to bring awareness to the natural healing that comes from immersing in nature. I also want to remind you to be in the here and now because it is all we ever have. Enjoy the gift of the present moment.

My Passion

My CBD is sourced from a small farm-lab company in Colorado then tested by a third party to ensure quality. All my products are made in house with all organic and non-gmo ingredients. Transparency and compliance are essential in today’s ever growing CBD market place, and I want to lead in offering quality CBD at an affordable price.

How It's helped

Present Moment CBD has been a wonderful addition to my wellness routine! I just had a baby last year, and along with that came a lot of physical and emotional trauma - there are so many brands of CBD on the market but I can tell you from personal experience this product has saved my body and mind so I can focus on work again. The recommended dose on the label is the perfect amount for me - it helps my body into a state of relaxation instead of tension so I can breathe deeper and feel better every single time I take it. Thank you for making a full spectrum product that actually works!

Kyra Aulani, Graphic Designer, Yoga Teacher & Mom